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In the event of a death, we can assist you in serving as personal representative (sometimes called executor) or as trustee in handling the affairs of the estate. Our assistance will typically include advice on your legal duties, inventorying estate assets, handling tax obligations and distributing assets in accordance with governing documents. We can also assist you as a beneficiary with questions and ongoing representation about how an estate is being handled. We can help you resolve issues related to estate and trust disputes, such as litigating will contests. We can also help resolve issues concerning will and trust implementation and administration through agreement, mediation or court proceedings.

Estates may be probated, whether or not the person died with a will. We work closely with the personal representative or administrator of an estate to move it smoothly and efficiently to completion.

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Claims against Fiduciaries

Fiduciary claims are those brought against an individual who is under a legal obligation to act in another's best interest. Most fiduciary claims arise against a personal representative or an attorney-in-fact (also known as a power of attorney). Our attorneys represent individuals on both sides of fiduciary claims. We are experienced in initiating a claim against a fiduciary and also defending a fiduciary for claims brought against them.

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